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Re: I could use some constructive feedback

Well, my friend, mpther had polio when she was 3 months old and is now 87. I've learned a lot about pps and don't claim to be an expert but it sure sounds like you have pps. I've beeen dealing with mom and her pps for years. We have gone the chiropractor route. She went once a month for years and years and it seemed to help her. She is still going on occassion when her back is giving her fits. She ended up with a curviature of the spine and her hips are uneven.

I guestion the physical therapy and I say that because mother is on her 3rd go round with pt and it just does not work. They just simply can not rehab muscles that are overworked and worn out. Polio patients muscles work twice as hard as non-polio people to do the same action. Physical Therapy is just to tiring for post polio people.

Mother was prescribed a type of brace, made of some kind of plactic that goes under her foot/feet and behind her calf from her toes to the knee to help support the foot. Sounds like you have foot drop--common with pps people. The brace helped her for many years, but time has taken its' toll on her very overused muscles and she is not wearing them anymore due to the weight of the sneakers she has to wear with them.

The best advice we have been able to find is to rest often, try not to get to heavy, eat lots of protein. PPS people require extra/more protein than the norm.

Mom's legs have been suddenly giving out on her all her life. Just happens--no reason or action seems to be related to it. See, kids with polio--the younger they are, the more their body can adapt--learn to walk and use muscle differently than other children their age. Good muscles took over for bad muscles and did things they were not designed to do, consequently, those muscles wear out faster.

I hope this info has been helpful. I will be glad to answer any other question you may have, if I can!