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Re: Contact dermatitis? Eczema? I need help !

Hey [b]vicariousbliss[/b]! I do believe you have atopic eczema and not contact dermatitis on your eyelids, hands, and legs mainly because of the following reasons:

1. First of all, atopic eczema rashes are characterized by flat, dry, and flaky rashes which you seem to have. They may look slightly raised but this is only because your skin is irritated by them. Contact dermatitis rashes, on the other hand are supposed to cause raised rashes to appear. These rashes come in the form of bumps, blisters, wheals, or hives.

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2. If you have contact dermatitis, the affected area is supposed to be extremely itchy or burning. Since your rashes don't itch at all, it is possible that you do have atopic eczema. Why? Because atopic eczema rashes are less itchy with age. In fact, only infants and children with atopic eczema [i]have[/i] itchy rashes. Teenagers and adults who have atopic eczema don't develop rashes that are as itchy as those in infants and children.

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