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Re: dr won't perform colonoscopy

Run, don't walk to another physician, preferably a gastroenterologist for a second opinion. Having a mother with colon cancer and then presenting with blood in the stool and the other symptoms definitely is reason for a colonoscopy, no matter what the age of the person. Unfortunately, 31 is not too young to have colon cancer, there are people that have been diagnosed in their late teens and early twenties with advanced colon cancer, cause their doctors thought they were too young or never even considered it as a possibility in a young person.

Colonoscopy is the gold standard for determining if there is colon cancer or other serious condition affecting the colon (i.e. colitis, IBS, ileitis, ulceration)and he should insist on having one.

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There is aid available for uninsured persons to help pay for a colonoscopy.

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