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New alternative to Cpap any experiences?

I found a new thing that one put in the nose but I am not sure if one dare to give links and just now I ahve no idea what the name was or the link.

But the principle was that one breath through the nose and then it don't allow one to breath out through the nose in same amount??? I am not sure but it did build up a pressure that should help with mild apnea but maybe not the most severe such. As always they had enthusiastic customers but that is so common that I don't trust such ads.

I got very surprised that it would be that easy. Apnea is very difficult to find easy help for. These things took in much air while inhale and did not let out as much and them wrote that the pressure that produced worked very much like a Cpap but had not the bad effects of sounding like a waterfall or the mask one need to have all night and allergic reaction to having it on the skin of the face and so on. No sound from a fan going on all night.

Cheaper to buy so them said it had much for it.

So I hope that maybe some of you have tested it.

I am a native of Sweden and doubt them sell that thing here. But it would be cool to know it it was as good a the ads say it is.

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