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Post Nissen Fundoplication Issues

I had a Nissen Fundo in January of 2009 at the age of 31. I have had acid reflux and GERD since my early teen years. It was treated with various meds, but they never worked well. I began vomiting in 2008, almost after every meal. It started as a small amount and increased to where I was loosing nearly everything that I ate. The GI doc said that the reflux caused the LES to "erode" and I could not longer keep food and liquid in the stomach. This led to the Nissen.

I was desperate to get better, so I did not research the surgery very well. My recovery went pretty well in the first few weeks. I was angry at some of the problems I had post-op, but I have learned to live with most issues.

I am still unable to burp, so I avoid carbonated beverages at all costs. I cannot vomit, stomach virus' have been spent with lots of diarrhea and dry heaving. I developed IBS after the surgery, going from constipation to diarrhea in a matter of minutes. But the two issues that I am struggling with are the chest pain and discomfort as well as the persistent intestinal gas.

After many tests and switching GI docs (now consulting with a Mayo doc), I was diagnosed with Neuropathy of the Esophagus to explain the chest pain. I still get that food stuck in my chest feeling that is sometimes mild but sometimes increases to significant pain. My doc repeated many of the tests I had before surgery- pH tests, motility tests, Upper GI, but it looks like the surgery worked and it is not acid reflux or motility issues. He said that it is nerve damage (neuropathy) caused by excessive reflux and vomiting in the past. It is being treated with Lyrica. This helped initially, but it is beginning again. Does anyone have any insight they can share on this issue? It is quite frustrating. It takes a lot of enjoyment out of my life and discourages me from eating, even small quantities of food. (On a side note, I still eat small meals and avoid real starchy foods).

I also have developed lots of intestinal gas issues that are at their worst directly after I eat and when I lay down in the evening. My stomach rumbles and gurgles loudly and sometimes hurts. I feel bloated a lot. The only relief I have is expelling the gas, but this is not always possible or appropriate I have tried OTC gas remedies like Phazyme and GasX. Does anyone else have experience with this? Suggestions?

I know that this procedure was necessary, but it has altered my life a lot and 2 1/2 years later I am still trying to adjust. Thanks!

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