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Re: New alternative to Cpap any experiences?

Thanks Millard.

What I talked about is more like In ear earbuds when you listen to a mp3 music player or handsfree or talk over internet earbuds headset that have earbuds going into the ear.

Instead this is smal small in-nose-buds with say 100% air when you inhale and then only 20% air out when you breath out through your nose.

That way them claim them build up a pressure in the "tract" for breathing.

I trust you have not used such. The pictures I saw had no bridge what so ever. Each Nose bud was separate and had a kind of
"filter" that let air in without hinder one way but let only 20% out the other way when you breath out.

I trust that what you talk about is an alternative to the mask for the fan driven PAP machine that blow the air constantly or that sense the pressure and adjust to the level your doctor prescribed.

That is something totally other.

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