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Pharmacy Issue......


So I have recently moved to a new town, I have been thru a few different doctors, I think 4 to date. Trying to find someone who would help me with the pain I have in my neck and headaches. I have degenerative disc and a herniated disc. I swear every doc I went to thought I was just a pain pill shopper nobody took into account I was new to the area and was just trying to find a doc to help me. So finally I find a doctor and he seems to be understanding and prescribes me (40) vicoprofen and flexeril okay I had an appointment with him the following week and he says 'You went through your pain medication too quickly and I can't refill for you'.

I look at him like he's crazy and I'm like 'Me? No I still some left, I am taking them as directed I can show them to you' He says 'Well your pharmacy sent in a refill request. I was floored because I didn't request a refill for the medication, I requested a refill for my son's medication they must have completely got it mixed up. I could tell he did not believe me and so great I finally find a good doc and he thinks I'm a pill head. Lovely!

So anyways, when it is time to refill the medication a few days later, I call in the request and his nurse calls me back to say he will not refill my pain medication the only thing he will do is refer me to a specialists. So I say okay, why won't he refill it I have taken as directed and is this due to the pharmacy mix up I tried to explain to him last week. She says she doesn't know why and I ask her if he can call in any for me since it's 2 weeks out for my specialists appointment. She says she will ask him, in a very snooty type tone and I know this is a 'no'.

I don't even really know if I have a question just kind of griping here because I didn't request the refill and now since they screwed it up I can't get my pain medication. I have been trying to find a decent doctor for 3 months in this little bitty stick town and now this. I know this doctor does refills because my neighbor gets vicodin from him and has never had a problem with him refilling it so I guess he really does think I'm a drug seeker. UGHHHHHHH

Do you think he's going to tell the specialist 'hey she takes too many pain pills watch out for her'?

Should I just start my search all over again. I'm in such a small area there are almost no docs here to help me get to a pain management and I feel like they all even w/x-rays think i'm just looking for pills. When in reality I'm in constant pain.

Thanks for letting me vent

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