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Re: New alternative to Cpap any experiences?

Originally Posted by phoebe368 View Post
it is made by ventus medical. My doctor gave me some samples but I never tried them
phoebe368 that was exactly what I had read about and then forgotten where I saw it I thought that I had bookmarked it but obviously I had only made a note in a digital notebook instead.

So what did you try out instead of them then?

I got curious on how it works and found this text explaining it.

You will naturally switch to nasal breathing once you’re asleep, effectively “turning on” the device. /Quote

Oh I had no idea that my body change over to breathing though the nose from through the mouth.

I did not keep the recording that one would have indicated when I did go from awake to sleep then.

I guess I should start record to see if the apnea is more severe now than some years ago.

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