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Re: New alternative to Cpap any experiences?

So my in law relative he uses one of these CPAP machines with mask.
Them have a fan that is going the whole night. They have destilled water to not dry out the air ways.

And people report that when it misalign it sounds like waterfall.

Some get allergic to the mask.

Them cost a lot and you have to pay for a new mask say one a year or so?

So I do look for alternatives. What I found by random luck is only for mild apnea and I trust that I have the severe sort.

I have sound recorded during the night and it do seems reasonable to name it severe.

Which is bad due to such stop breathing many times and put strain on heart as I get it. No oxygen to the blood enough for heart to get enough to feel good about it.

When a couple sleep together it happens that the partner wake up her husband to make him breath again out of concern.

For us that are alone could we not have a kind of computer assistant that do the same and that would make the severe into a mild such instead?

Just my naive thoughts. A kind of Laptop program on the computer that use the microphone to listen to our breathing and when it understand that we are about to stop breathing it set a vibrator going until we respond by saying okay and it shut the vibrator off

On hospitals them pay people to look at monitors of a persons health and if them get wrong values and such them call a Doc that knows how to treat it? Yes very costly but it would be cool if one could make a program intelligent enough to be that "observant assistant" that set in some treatment. Such as a gentle nudge to get more awake and less snoring.

Am I too unrealistic. It would be better than to have it like now and better than having a CPAP machine too? Sure a huge compromise but if it save my life then I rather take the compromise than no treatment at all.