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Re: New alternative to Cpap any experiences?

I have mild-moderate sleep apnea with an rdi of 14, all hypopneas. I don't even snore. I tried the cpap at every pressure -even the max pressure with some improvement. I finally went and had the maxillo-mandibular jaw advancement surgery. Unfortunately my fatigue/sleepiness was improved by 40% and I have still have apnea with an rdi of 14. I had the best surgeon in the world too. Now, I'm back on auto-bipap and fortunately it is working for me. If you have severe apnea, then cpap is the way to go. I too was terrified of it and it took me a year to get used to it. I had to densensitive myself to the mask by wearing it several hours a day while doing something relaxing such as reading. I first started off wearing it onlyu 1 hour a night and gradually built up to a full 8 hours. I wear a full face mask, chinstrap and even tape my mouth. What country do you live in by the way? Do they over sleep studies?