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Re: New alternative to Cpap any experiences?

Hi phoebe368, I have not asked if they have such. We always have to get a prescription from an General Physician first and then he give prescription to visit an expert. Some kind of sift to not over load the experts.
I live in Sweden northern Europe next to Norway.

But one could go directly to the Expert and insist them take on up on their long queue but it cost more that way.

So maybe some of them do have sleep over measurement of how well one sleep.

I know from the sound recordings that I made that I snore wildly and then breathing stop all together for a while not sure how long this was years ago when I had such a recorder now it is broken. But after a while one hear that I wake up and breath again so such total stop of breathing is not good at all.

So sure I should do something about it but based on what you tell me it take more patience than what I ever expected.

There is Go in you. I would never accept that much trouble to endure.