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Re: Do you think in words or pictures?

Originally Posted by heyloe View Post
Others mentioned dreams...I also have very vivid sharp coloured dreams with a lot of detail...everything seems so real that I have had to confirm with others if things have happened or not...I don't like when those dreams happen and sometimes I get them more than once a week. On the plus side, I've 'seen' friends and family who are no longer with me and got to talk with them again
I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who gets vivid (sometimes troubling) dreams. And I have also tried to get confirmation from others. I once dreamed that my aunt had died. It seemed very real. The problem was: I didn't know which aunt it was. I had no knowledge of any of them being ill. So, feeling like a fool, I told my mother about it. I never told her about my dreams before, so it felt weird. All of my aunts were living hundreds and thousands of miles away.

I asked if she knew of any of them being ill and she said, "no". Three days later we received a letter from about 2000 miles away stating that my aunt (my father's brother's wife) Dorthy had died. My mother looked at me and asked: "How did you know?" All I could say was: "I don't know." That was the first time I became aware that such dreams are possible. But it doesn't happen very often with me. On average these dreams happen several years appart and usually involve the death of someone.

I don't know why it happens to me because I have never believed in such things as extrasensory perception.

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