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Re: does heat make your burning hands/feet worse?

I keep asking myself and my husband why we are back here, but we are expecting our 4th gr.babie in August so here we are! Our son lives in santa clara area, and the weather is great there. When the humidex went over 100 yesterday here ( we live in s.w.Ontario canada) but much like Chicago weather..... I couldnt even think of going outside. What i cant figure out is once i started the drive back from Whistler BC. my symptoms slowing started up again. I worked with a fibro/neuro/chiro in California, and now he's thinking its auto immune related? even mentioned raynauds? which i dont agree with, i dont get any change of colour except a bit of redness/swelling in my hands. It all started when I hit menopause and had a major stress in my life....... What do you do for relief? Drs. here just want to medicate.... It has really scarred me, since i thought i had found the cause over the winter, with almost all my symptoms gone, when i changed my diet, i skiied almost everyday, worked, and was happy, and now with in a mth its all regressed! What do you think? any ideas?

I love n.california