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Re: does heat make your burning hands/feet worse?

You are so blessed living where you are. We drove down the coast from Vancouver to see our son, and I told my husband i was born on the wrong side of the continent. I always feel at peace on the west surrounded by the mts./streams. We hope to spend winters there, since I work with the resort. Maybe though the moving back and forth is just too hard on my system. I have resisted medications but gave in and took some ativan last couple of nights, it seems to settle my tingling/burning so i can sleep.
I think you are right, that my body needs to adjust again, its so hard here with our changing weather....this a.m its cold out!!! my poor body doesnt know whats going on, but i would rather have my feet/hands numb than burning from heat.
So do you have fibro as well? or neuropathy? i am so frustrated with drs. The last time i went to my drs. here, they just shrugged their shoulders and said its a soup of things, menopause, fibro, thryoid( removed '96) and prescribed lyrica, which of course being the natural gal i am , never took it! but now i am frustrated enough to reconsider.
what do you find helps?

I really appreciate your reply, i was needing someone to chat with this am.