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Re: My mom died of colon cancer in 3 days

My mom passed in 12days. She was a 64 yrs old diabitic and was at the Dr's twice a month. She was never tested or asked about cancer. It started out with a kindey infection that would not go away. She was intered into hospital for that and blood sugars for 3 days. She was home for 1 1/2 before rushed back for blood sugar levels again. It was at that time they told us about the cancer. They said her liver was 95% covered in tumors. There was no talk of treatment. Hospice was called it. They think it started in the upper colon. I have lost several members of my mom's family from cancer of one type or another. I can not predict the future but I would like to say that I would not seak treatment like you mom. The members that did seak treatment still died and the life quility was very bad. This is very selfish of me but I am glad she went quickly. In the long run it was easier on everyone but mostly I would like to think it made it easier on her. I hope that you have people that are around you to listen and just be there. Go live your life to the fullest because we never know...