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Weird symptoms I may be going crazy

I am a 34 year old male who works out 5-6 days a week, eats a good diet, and is overall active and healthy. I've never had a surgery, I'm rarely sick, and I try hard to keep in the best shape. I typically masturbate daily in the morning to start the day right and with relief. I have sexual intercourse (more oral than anything else) a few times p/week w/the same woman. I use protection for actual intercourse. Over the past mos. or so I have had more sensitivity from my penis... mostly towards the tip. I don't feel it all the time, but I can feel it rubbing against my underwear more sometimes during random times of the day. I have no irritation when urinating. I don't have pain.. just kind of a loss of sensitivity and occasional numbness. I'd say from what I've researched it sounds like the symptoms of UTI, but I've heard it's uncommon for guys to get UTI's. Now for some reason it will feel fine for a few days, then I have a few glasses of vodka and cranberry one night and the next day it's back to the same sorry. I feel extra dehydrated so I try and drink plenty of water. That seems to help. UTI's can be caused by hydration and irritated by spicy foods, caffeine, alcohol, etc. and I do all that stuff. Am I going crazy here? Does anyone get this same weird, irritation on occasion that never quite goes away? I keep thinking based on the symptoms it's bacteria related. I had anal itching a few mos. back and the doc said it sounded bacterial. I used a cream that helped big time, but on occasion it still comes up and I need to use the cream again. It's never been seriously bad in my opinion, but can this initial bacteria issue be spreading or affecting my penis? Any input is helpful... I hate Dr's and would like to avoid going for s-thing like this.

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