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Can I lose weight with this diet?

OK, so I am a 20 year old overweight Male and wanting to lose weight, I don't want to go one one of those crash diets as they never last and cost a bundle. Besides, I don't want to be on a "diet" rather I just want a general healthy lifestyle change from junk food, Soda etc.

I have been eating like this for 6 days now.

OK, so here's what I eat, drink and do:

Most days for Breakfast:
Small bowl of Muesli with skim milk and a cut up banana and a sprinkle of Sultanas.
Small bowl of porridge with skim milk and a cut up banana and sprinkle of Sultanas.
A small bowl of low-fat yogurt with a swirl of honey.

and the muesli and porridge I buy I make sure is low in calories, sodium and sugar and they are all low

Most days for Lunch:
Ham and salad sandwich on wholemeal bread.
(Lettuce, Cucumber, Beetroot, 1 slice of Cheese, Spinach Leaves, 1 Slice of Ham)
(I think Ham is generally salty so I only have 1 slice a day max and only 2 slices of the Wholemeal Bread a day max too.)
1 Egg scrambled with 1 slice of Ham and a handful of Spinach Leaves mixed in with 2 pieces of Toast with Avocado on them.
2 Eggs scrambled with 1 slice of Ham and a handful of Spinach Leaves mixed in but no Toast.

Most days for Dinner:
OK, so here is the part I know most people are going to go argggh, but, I can't cook.. and I am terrible at portion sizes, so I have 1 Healthy Choice frozen meal every night for dinner. I always choose the low calorie ones (I won't go over ones that are 450 Calories) and as low sodium ones as I can find (I won't go over ones that are 800mg) I pick the ones that are as balanced as possible with meat, veggies etc too.

So, I know they are not ideal but mixed in with the low fat, low sodium meals I have for Breakfast and Lunch I am still under the recommended healthy Calorie and Sodium intake for one day.

Plus I may be changing to Lite & Easy for dinners only soon.

If I am ever peckish in between meals or late at night I will have a small handful of Sultanas or Unsalted Cashews or A piece of Fruit or maybe occasionally a small bowl of Fresh Water Tuna.

I only drink water. A minimum of 1.25 Litres a day.

Cheat Day:
Now..I do have a cheat day, most people have them once a week, I have it once a FORTNIGHT, And I suppose I don't have a cheat DAY to put it better, more a cheat DINNER. But even then I don't want to overdo it, say for example if I was to go to McDonald's or something I wouldn't go and get a Double Quarter Pounder, I would go for the healthier option of Burger they have (I know they're still not healthy but hey, It's my cheat day!) maybe a Chicken Burger or something and only a small Fries.

As I said I am overweight at the moment so I can't do TOO MUCH right now, but at the moment I do 40 minutes of walking on the treadmill at 6.2 KPH a day while holding small KG dumbbells in each hand and with the treadmill inclining upwards to the level 4 incline every other minute.

I do 100 star jumps a day and am planning on buying a skipping rope to do maybe 5-10 minutes of skipping every day too.

I also have a proper dumbbell set which i do 3-4 sets of 10 reps with each arm a day in different types of positional lifts to work different parts of the arm and body etc.

Also, I exercise 6 days and rest 1 day per week.

OK, So people, please help, it would be very much appreciated, do you think this lifestyle change will help me lose weight??.

I have asked this question before in other places but just got spam and people saying about their own diets, but I am just after whether people think this diet I am on now which I listed will help me lose weight?

Thanks, Daniel =).

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