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Re: Can I lose weight with this diet?


You didn't say how overweight you are but you can calculate how many calories your body uses up per day by using this method. Make sure you eat at least 75-80% of that number per day or you'll put your body in starvation mode and won't lose weight at all or very little.

If you do start exercising you need to add in the calories you burn while exercising to your RMR (resting metabolic rate) and eat 75-80% of that new total.

To find your RMR:
Step 1
Weigh yourself. If you weighed yourself in pounds, convert your weight to kilograms by multiplying your weight in pounds by 0.5. Multiply this number by 10 to get your weight factor.
Step 2
Measure your height. If you measured yourself in inches, convert the number to centimeters by multiplying total inches by 2.54. Multiply your height in centimeters by 6.25 to get your height factor.
Step 3
Multiply your age by 5 to get your age factor.
Step 4
Calculate your resting calories burned by adding your weight factor to your height factor and adding 5. Now subtract your age factor. The resulting number is your approximate resting calories burned per day.

The diet you mentioned sounds good but I'd suggest more lean protein (protein shakes, chicken, turkey, tuna, fish, etc) which will help you build muscle (and muscle burns more calories than fat).