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Re: Can't figure out therapist

Hi Phoenix,

I would like to be switched over to the new therapist right away but that's not how the clinic works. My present therapist left me a message telling me "we can talk about your concerns." I didn't really like this, I wold have rather had a message saying that's fine, I understand, I'll do the paperwork. I am not inclined to baby him or tell him I had talked to my psych nurse before him and told her I did not feel I was getting the proper help for PTSD from him. I was a victim of "politics" at this clinic previous to him with another therapist who did things wrong concerning my health and termination of therapy, and I have a feeling I am going to be speaking to his supervisor. I think he is going to tell me I can't switch. I think all therapists have egos. This was the excellent thing about being in therapy with a psychiatrist who had had her own analysis....she brought none of her own ego into therapy with me because she knew who SHE was and had no countertransference.

No, I will not see the 2 therapists at the same time. I never have seen 2 therapists at the same time.

I wrote to the psychiatrist who diagnosed my ptsd years ago. Considering the substandard therapy I have received the past 2 years I felt I needed to thank her for her expert care all those years ago. Unfortunatley, my finances do not permit me to have treatment with an MD. We sometimes don't know what we had until we don't have it anymore eh?