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Re: New to all this/ still waiting to see a specialist.

Originally Posted by armywife2007 View Post
I have been having random pains and honestly I don't know if it is all connect or just random. My right upper arm randomly has a pain shooting through it. Along with my ribs and shoulder plate.
Let me tell you, I have had jaw, teeth, neck, shoulder (and especially shoulder blade), spine, low back and ribcage pains. I know it was all connected to my bad messed up bite and the muscles going crazy because of that. In my case, they were not at all random, by the way. I was biting harder on the right side of my mouth and that uneven torque force has caused my skeleton to turn a few degrees to the rigth due to muscles going into permanent spasms.
Just try to watch for the pattern, would you get teeth pains first, followed by the shoulder and ribs pain?
Was your suspected TMJ caused by something specific? If so, recollect if you had bodily pains like that before. If you did not, I bet you anything this is all connected. The integrity of our body is truly AMAZING, too bad I learned the hard way. The good news is that this is muscular and thus should be potentially resolvable...