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Re: Pharmacy Issue......

Greetings and Hello!! I read your post and I guess being a back pain sufferer for over twernty years now. I can offer only this advise to you. I always made it a point to check everything going in and out of my perscribing pharmacy. I also made sure that my wife and step childrens meds were filled at a completelly different pharmacy(name brand and all) than the one I used.
I learned the hard way just as you are doing now. I also would get the pharmacist at the pharmacy that screwed you to write ON THIER LETTERHEAD what happened and that it was thier mistake not yours. You can try to see if this gets you anywhere. I have found trying to provide as much evidence to support your side is always helpful. I also know what you are going through trying to find a doctor. I am having the same problem. And I have no insurance and no job, so I do feel for you my friend.

Here is one thing that happened to me that will really make you scratch your head and go DUH. I had been working at my last job where I was working night shift. I would always go and get my refills on my luch hour and come back to work. Well one night I arrived at the pharmacy at around 12:15 a.m. and I was told I was not going to get my opiates because I must be a pill popper if I have to come in 15 minutes of the my rifill date. No Kidding he really said that. I told him first where the ****** did he get off. You dont know me, you dont have any idea what my pattern of refilling was and I told him he was just some fill in that only had a job because he had to work at all different pharmacies taking regular pharmicist vacation hours. I have not been to that chain since that date. I hope this helps in some small way. Good Luck and I hope everything works out for the both of us.