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Re: New to all this/ still waiting to see a specialist.

Hmmm... What you describe very much remains me of my own case; however, mine started after bad dental work and progressed really fast, so I was able to track it all down. Have you had braces or teeth extractions earlier in your life?
The pressure in the front teeth is probably because the jaw muscles are distorted and cause slight teeth movement to the front (haven't you noticed any changes to your bite?). As the teeth move even very little, this in turn disturbs the equlibrium in the facial and ear muscles, that by chain reaction further disturbs neck, shoulder, back and finally rib muscles. As the circle finishes, the new one begins. Mine used to repeat every 3-4 days. Do you by chance also have the following: eye pain or pressure, bloody shot eyes, and nausea/dizziness? Any changes/assymetry to the midline of your top front teeth?
My advice would be to get a TMJ splint made to let the muscles relax. I would start with the simple flat plane splint on your lower teeth. I don't think that the night guard is the cause, but you can replace it with the TMJ splint as well. I hope it helps, as I've been in the same boat just recently and I know how bad it feels. And please, keep us updated!