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Re: New to all this/ still waiting to see a specialist.

I have had braces when I was 14 and got them removed when I was 17. As for my bite, there are days where it is impossible for me to find the correct bite and then other days it is right there. I have noticed that my left front top tooth has moved a little. Instead of being inline with the other tooth and straight, it is now pushed out a little and kind of over lapping the other front tooth. And again like everything else, I didn't notice that shifting until I was pregnant. I remember looking in the mirror and seeing it had moved a little bit and then a week later a little bit more. Thankfully the night guard that I do have was made with impressions of my teeth. So at least I don't have the feeling that that one tooth is moving more. I am now just so self conscious about it. I feel like I don't smile as much as I use to but wait that is also because the more I talk, smile, laugh, ect. it starts to hurt more. There have been times where I am nauseated, and I have noticed that I have a lot more ringing in my ear. I am thankful that my dentist here in Louisiana gave me a referral and he said that all he needed to hear was that I grind my teeth (which I didn't know I did until after I gave birth). So now I just have to wait to get a referral from my doctor as well and I will go from there. I just don't know why it has taken this long for someone to give me a referral for it. I even mentioned it to my old dentist and my second opinion dentist and they both said that they didn't think that was the issue. I am just happy that hopefully I am on the right tract to getting this fixed. I want to be able to actual enjoy my daughter and not feel guilty because I am always in pain.

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