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Re: New to all this/ still waiting to see a specialist.

Yeah, I have the same thing going on with my front teeth, my right tooth moved and kind of overlaps with the left, and the right one also sticks more. This whole thing had my midline shifted to the left, and I will have to get damon braces to expand my arches (yes, they did get V-shaped while they used to be U-shaped) and bring the midline back to the center.
At this point it is a skeletal problem more than anything else; so unless the underline cause is corrected, the teeth will continue to shift, the pains will go on, and you might start seeing additional unpleasant changes to your face (like growing assymetry, one eye higher than the other etc).
I do not understand why you have to wait so long, I did not have any referrals - I just went straight in. But at this point, I think it is worth waiting IF only you get to see a good specialist.
How do you know you grind your teeth? I was also told that but this is not true, and even if I am - it has nothing to do with what I am going through. From my experience, this is how far the majority of dentists will go in their treatment of TMJ. Do not waste your time with them, go see a TMJ specialist or a functional orthodontists who also specializes in TMJ. Let them know what all your concerns are. Good luck!