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Re: New to all this/ still waiting to see a specialist.

Originally Posted by ninamarc View Post
Don't get scared by the doctors! Get a jaw specialist...
The steps I went through are: regular dentist, specialist in dentist, MRI (ordered by GP for insurance), TMJ therapy, jaw surgeon and etc.
Somewhere there, they should tell you why you have the problem.
I am waiting to see a specialist. But it is a process with my insurance. I have to get a referral from my PMC (Primary care manager) before I can go any further with it.

Originally Posted by TMJ82 View Post
How do you know you grind your teeth? I was also told that but this is not true, and even if I am - it has nothing to do with what I am going through.
After I gave birth to my daughter I traveled 4 1/2 hours to the Wright Patterson Air Force Base Army Dental Clinic near Dayton Ohio. There with my first visit with the dentist, she told me that I grinded my teeth. I told her that I didn't know, and she said "I am not asking if you do, I am telling you that you do" She said that she could tell by the wear on my teeth. And when she told me that, I went out and bought some of the OTC night guards. And come to find out I do grind. The night guard that she recommended for me was suppose to last me about 6 months and withing one week, it was split in half. Well at least the part that is suppose to protect my molars.