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Re: New to all this/ still waiting to see a specialist.

Originally Posted by TMJ82 View Post
if you do in fact grind your teeth that intensely, that might have triggered the TMJD. Especially if you grind/chew more on one side (many people do), that leads to uneven teeth length forcing your mandible to compensate by overclosing on the shorter side and thus, uneven bite. This all causes pathological muscle reaction that leads to teeth movements and pains allover the body.
I think you did good by using the nightguard; however, your bite is already uneven and the nightguard alone would not be able to stop it (although it certainly slowed things down). I think you might greatly benefit from using the TMJ bite splint.
I was kinda baffled when I was told that I grinded my teeth, especially considering my normal dentist (whom I saw just a week before) didn't say anything and I have been going to him for over a year now. And this new dentist told me in the first five minutes of looking in my mouth. I know it can't be because they wanted my money for making the mouth guard, because this was at an Army Dental Clinic, so it was free for me.

But yes, I know that the mouth guard isn't going to cure anything. All it is really doing is preventing any additional damage to be done to my teeth because of the grinding. And honestly I wear it as much as possible, because I don't feel some of the teeth pain when I am wearing it. And even if I am just taking a 15 minute nap, it is in my mouth. I don't go anywhere without it.