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Re: New to all this/ still waiting to see a specialist.

I think it is a very good decision from your side. Wearing it as much as possible will minimize your teeth shifting while you are waiting to see the TMJ dentist.
As our cases seem somewhat similar, I'd thought I share something with you. I have a lower TMJ splint (so my upper teeth are free), and although the front teeth movement was gone for 3 weeks while in the splint, it is now back, togehter with the bodily pains.
Because my front (and other) teeth have shifted a lot, I will be getting braces on my upper arch, combined with the lower TMJ splint. I will be making my deformed upper arch back to its original U-shape (push the shifted teeth back) as well as shifting the midline back to the center. When this is done, they will make another very small splint for my lower teeth and brace the lowers. When the arches are proper shape, they will let the molars to erupt to maintain proper vertical dimension and avoid overclosure of the jaw (so all that this does not happen again). They have assured me that when the treatment is complete, the teeth will stay in the proper shape and will not move. I will have to wear a retainer for some nights, though.
I hope this is helpful to you. Please let us know how your treatment goes!

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