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Desperately Need Advice

Two years ago my scalp became red, painful and hot and my hair gradually become stiff at the scalp. It hurts to move my hair and it's so stiff and brittle the hair breaks off, particularly on the right side. I'm unable to wear my reading glasses because it's so painful above my right ear. I was sent to a rheumatologist who I'd seen 8 years ago for Raynauds and arthritis. Recent lab work shows negative for the RH factor and "mild" for another RH indicator. In addition to hip bursitis I also have arthritis in my neck, back, knee and hands I also have had dry eyes, mouth and excessive thirst for 2 years. This doctor said I have Sjogrens and believes there is an unspecified type of connective tissue disorder going on, however he's never seen these scalp and stiff hair problem. I was placed on Plaquenil (200mg twice a day) and it did nothing after 3 months so he added 15 mgs of Prenisone, decreasing 1 mg each week. Prednisone worked wonders for the scalp pain and redness as well as arthritis until I got down to 9 mgs. He doesn't want me to stay on this high of a dose so added weekly inections of Methotrexate 25 mgs. It's been 3 weeks of this and I'm at 5 mgs. of Prednisone, am in horrible pain - both arthritis and scalp/hair situation. Eyes are dry again and I've gained 15 pounds since starting the Plaquenil and other stuff.

Has anyone ever heard of the scalp and hair problems? It's so painful and my hair grows in odd directions now so I wear a hat alot of the time to avoid having to style it. My doctor is mystified as to this. Although the Prednisone helped with the pain, my scalp was still red and hair stiff and breaking off.
Sorry this is so long but I'm desperate for help! Thx. Exhaustion for 4 yrs too!

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