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Re: Facial flushing

hi blairbear,

sorry to hear you are having trouble with rosacea. rosacea can be very frustrating to deal with because it seems like everything under the sun can cause problems with it.

I too had the pleasant rosey cheeks and was very happy about it because I am very pale skinned and the rosiness was the only color I had. Now my rosey cheeks are a real problem. I thought the condition I was developinng was adult acne but when I went to derm, they gave me a diagnosis and started me on treatment. So far I have only had the topical creams to apply. They gave me metrogel and finacea and told me to put one on half of my face and the other on the other half. I thought that was great advice because then I could really compare. The finacea clearly worked better for my skin.

next came a long list of triggers. I was surprised at how nearly anything can cause a flare up. You were probably given a similar list. The biggest trigger for me is humidity. Where I work we have to wear masks and moist exhaled air gets trapped near my skin for sometimes a cummulative 6 or more hours a day. I can just see the papules popping up out of nowhere. Stress is clearly another biggie for me. From your post I can see this is one for you too.

The other huge one for me is hairspray. Hairspray contains alcohol which is just totally awful for rosacea. You think you are only spraying it on your hair. But it goes all over your face. I easily combatted this problem with a sheet protector. Then not only do I not get it on my face, but I can see what I'm doing which is a real bonus. I am always amazed at the thick coat of hairspray that is on that sheep protector when I am done.

I would say just keep working with what your personal triggers are, and how much of a trigger you can tolerate before your skin becomes unhappy. For me, i know i can only have 2 or 3 citrus fruits a week... be careful of fragrances, too, like what you wash your clothes, sheets, pillowcases with.

I do wish you the best and kmow you will find a course of treatment that works well for you.

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