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Re: scared to death of everything hemorrhoidectomy

Originally Posted by Harry View Post
It take several days for your BMs to adjust to a different diet.
Also, make sure that you are getting enough magnesium in your diet or by supplements--400mg daily--- every cell in your body contain magnesium and lacking it causes muscle spasms in any muscle in your body and that includes your intestines. It is estimated that 75% of people do not get enough magnesium daily --even though it is in lots of foods.

Hello Harry! I have been on this board for a little while now because I am soooooo scared of hemorrhoid surgery. I know most of the posts on here don't seem to be what the doctors call "normal" recovery but I have so many what ifs. I have a baby at home and not picking him up for two weeks, well okay. But, I want to be comfortable enough to be around him. So far it looks like almost everyone's pain is mainly from bowel movements, does that sound right? I will still send my son to day care and my husband will be home with me for the first week. I will need to be able to love and cuddle with my son in the evenings because he is a momma's boy and needs me in order to go to sleep at night. I have read good posts and bad posts, I know it won't be pain free but I want to know it is managed. I have been to see 6 doctors and so far not satisfied at all! I have an appt. next month with Johns Hopkins and I am hoping that will satisfy me since they are number one in patient care. I am sure they use the Harmonic Scalpel which seems to heal a little faster for most people. I did find one doctor that used that and also makes sure you are numb for the first 24-48 hours which I am told is the worst part other then bowel movements. All of the doctors have told me the first few days are the worst and then the pain is mainly from the bowel movements. I am 32 and healthy other then I smoke which I am willing to give up if it will help me heal faster. They all told me "most" patients return to work within 2-3 weeks with no problems. I am so confused and scared as I am not good with pain. I don't want my son to see me laying there crying for two weeks. HELP!