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Canes - weight capacity?

I need to buy a new cane for my Aunt. I can do it on the internet and search whereas she would have to just go to the local drug store and buy. She actually wants a pretty one this time and I had no idea all of the designs. Well, the one she wants has butterflies on it. It is pretty. But the weight capacity is 250 pounds and I put her on my scales and she topped out at 261. And it seems to get into anything with a higher capacity is plain and much heavier to carry. A cane that has a 300 pound capacity is twice as heavy.

So I know it's a long shot, but does anyone know how this weight capacity thing works? She has had two knee replacements but they are 15 years old and she's now just shy of 70 so she moved back to using a cane about 6 months ago. She uses it more for stability and security, than actually putting her whole weight on the cane at any time.

So I don't know what they mean when they define weigh capacity. I mean no one who weighs 250 or 300 or whatever would ever put their entire weight on the case. Seems very subjective depending on the individual.

Just wondering if anyone who's slightly over a weight capacity has used a cane that technically not meant for their weight. I called one company and they said she could not use the 250 capacity but I expected that. Who asks for a lawsuit?

I'm tempted to get her both and tell her she needs to use the more sturdy one out of the house but can use the butterfly one when she's just in her own condo moving from the living room to the kitchen. And then put her on a diet.

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