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Re: Canes - weight capacity?

I know too little to really give good advice. I have used crutches three times when I had severe back pain and barely could walk due to the pain sending me to the ground so them helped much better than any cane could have done. And I have a long experience of Rollator/Walkers but not much on cane usage.

I have a cane and tried to use it but it was not for me.

But for your aunt. Would it not be a good thing to use the newest modern way to walk with a cane.

Them have now canes with four small wheels like roller scates or kickboard wheels. That kind of cane makes for a more smooth walking and more stable unless the surface is very rough with gravel stones and such uneven roads in the country. But in cities with sidewalks the rolling cane seems like a good way to walk?

But I have not tried them myself we don't have them where I live but use search engines on the net and look at video clips?

It looks smarter. Maybe expensive but if it is worth the quality of life gained then why not?

While I am at it. In England them have a kind of Shopping Aid that is a cane with two rather big wheels 7" maybe instead of the very small wheels on the four wheeled I talked about above.

The good thing about it is that it is small like a cane but allow one to buy things and hang on the cane and wheel the burden home and get stability due to the cane being there as a contact with the ground. Less expensive too.

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