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Re: My dad was diagnosed in Oct with stage 4 lung cancer.

Originally Posted by beepbeep35 View Post
My dad was diagnosed in Oct with stage 4 lung cancer which has already spread to his head. He has been givien 4 or less months to live. He has choose no treatment other than steroids for the swelling in his brain.

He is currently on spriva... for COPD and to seems to help with the coughing at night.

the latest symptom dad has is a numbing of the right foot and he has trouble walking. I am not sure what else to expect for symptoms during the next 3 months.

If anyone else has experience with this, please let me know.

I`m really sorry about your father, my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that matastized to the brain. She was diagnosed march 17 and had a full brain radiation, 10 day treatment , she is now doing chemo, that was done on june11, and she has become very weak and can barely walk now. Her worst symptom is the dizziness and her vision has been effected by the tumors on her brain, there are 14 tumors on her brain. My mother is 72 and was in pretty good health, she had no cough, just dizzy is what sent her to the doctor. Her vision and weakness are the main symptoms as of now. She also is sleeping alot and depression I believe is a part of the sleepiness. Being there to support and love is the only thing I feel I can do for her right now, it`s been very hard on my entire family. It seems this has torn my family apart, does anyone else have this situation? My step-father has become very mean and angry and lashes out mostly at me. At one point he hit me, I truly think he`s losing it. Please if anyone has any advice?