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Hi. I will try to make this short! In the 70's I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and was put on medication. I took synthroid for several years, through the births of my 3rd and 4th sons in '75 and '76, then was taken off the med. after 4th son's birth because apparently my thyroid "righted itself" after his birth. I am 63 now, and have been on and off Synthroid for years, in addition to a 'slight' problem in the 80's with my adrenal glands, which they of course tell me, turned out to be "nothing". I am overweight (a lot!); have skin rashes; hair on my chinny-chin-chin which I must shave off every day; still have mood swings; bouts with constipation; dry skin; wayyyy thinning eyebrows, etc, etc. In addition, I was diagnosed with Diabetes about 2 years ago and the medications I was put on caused more weight gain and other symptoms, and with all the horror stories I have been hearing about what those medications do to you, I have ceased taking them to see what happens. I am seemingly a wreck, and SINCE the 70's NO ONE SEEMS TO TAKE ALL THESE PROBLEMS SERIOUSLY. My endocrinologist put me back on Synthroid, but I don't think it is working either. I began to feel like a hypochondriac, and have given up finding a solution to my problem because "all the tests are normal". Whatever. Thanks, Judie

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