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Re: Am I at risk? :(

Originally Posted by smiteler View Post
the only worry you wiould have is if the condom failed.
oils can make certian condoms fail prematurely
but it didn't happen in your case because you
would of known.
so you should have no worries about getting hiv.
good luck
First of all a very big thanks for your relply. After reading this
Forum a little I saw that a lot of paranoia is going on and maybe
I am one of those! But this damn virus is scary and so it's understandable
to be afraid. I think I was taken by a weird panic attack last night as
I was sweating and chilling and fast heart beat and could not sleep
All night. I read on another site that oil makes micro holes on a condom
that eye can't see but viruses can pass! So I was about to just sit and cry!
Well at least there was a good lesson from last night! Stop messing arround!
If I can't stand the pain of being afraid I am not going to stand catching it.