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I think u have Herpes and Genital warts mixed up...Herpes does not produce warts but sores that develop around the genital area....Genital warts produce growths or warts that contain an over whelming amount of the HPV Virus that is highly contagious...

u don't have to ejaculate to transfer any of these viruses..the virus will be in other fluid's such as pre-ejaculate and on the surrounding question is if u are so worried bout this now..why did u not worry bout it when u were in the act??? I know I the act drives your hormones sky wall..and u kinda loses ur mind..this is in my opinion why people contract std's in the first place...i think that most people r aware of the risks being taken..but then when they r into it,,they think " Well nothin is gonna happen to me"..then at that point it does ....and then it is a trip to the doc to get treatment..