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Re: Low blood pressure with high cortisol?

My husband has just found out that he has high cortisol levels and his blood pressure has been running extremely low for the last couple of months. Before that his blood pressure was perfect, even though he has had to have bypass surgery in 2002 and stents in 2003. We found out that he has kidney disease last fall and he was put on lisinipril, he was already on Norvasc, but not for blood pressure. He was on it for spasms of the coronary artery. He also was fount to have an elevated PSA (no cancer) and his doctor increased his Flomax from 0.4 to 0.8 mg. About the time the Flomax was increased was when his blood pressure went to nothing. Once, when I took his pressure it was 76/52. He is 6ft. an 69 yrs. old. We are like the other person. If anyone has any ideas, please help. He feels terrible, no energy. He can barely make it through the day.