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Feeling of ear being clogged

Hello I've been posting on this board for a few months. Got vestibular neuritis in November of 2010 followed by a bout of BPPV (both in my left ear)..I've been feeling good ("normal") for about 2 months now

This afternoon I ate a burger and was watching TV when suddenly my hearing in my left ear felt funny. in the matter of 30 minutes my left ear felt blocked, and very sensitive to sounds and very loud tinnitus. I haven't had tinnitus in months.. and never had an issue with a clogged ear feeling.

As someone who has battled inner ear issues since last year I became paranoid because of course my first thought was "OH NO MENIERE'S DISEASE!" Has anyone else ever experienced a randomly clogged ear? I tried doing a neti pot, but I feel like it might have made it worse. I have homeopathic ear drops and put them in, but no change, same with nasonex.

Could this be caused by ETD? I remember my ENT mentioning that I had eustachian tube dysfunction when he was treating me for vestibular neuritis. This would make sense since my ears have always "clicked" while swallowing for as long as I can remember.

I haven't had a cold, have allergies but haven't felt too bad in the past few weeks. Just hoping this is nothing serious and hopefully a byproduct of allergies, as opposed to yet another inner ear issue. I am unfortunately not on health insurance right now... another thing that makes me paranoid in case it's anything serious.

Figured I'd post on here before I spend $$$ on a doctor's appointment

Any thoughts?
Thanks for reading.

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