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Re: Lightheaded and need your advice please!

Originally Posted by missjaimes View Post
Hi and thank you for responding and I hope that you can steer me in the right direction, I would be forever greatful!!

"Do you experience these symptoms all the time? What provokes them? "

Yes, I experience the symptoms all the time no matter what time of day although some days are worse than others. I have not been able to correlate anything to my feelings as far as food, motion, etc. so, I can't say what may be provoking it.

"Were you symptomatic when you visited these doctors? How much testing did they do?"

Yes, I was symptomatic when I visited the doctors. The testing I've had so far includes multiple rounds of blood work, an MRI of my brain to rule out tumors and MS. I had some ear tests performed to check the internal auditory canals and they all came back clear. I had the echo of my heart as well as the heart stress test both of which came back fine. I had an upper endoscopy for some other issue i was having (right side pain) and so I do have a small ulcer but while she was in there, tested me for celiac disease and I don't have that. The neurologist performed a nerve shock test, I don't remember what it was for, but the results were normal. I recently had a chest xray and ct scan to check for edema or pulmonary embolism and those both came back fine.

I am out of ideas. I wonder if a food allergy or an endocrine/hormonal issue could cause my feelings. I can't wait to figure this out and feel better again. Thank you for your time and concern!!!
I am not a doctor but I am just going to pass a few ideas around. First of all, is it possible that some of your symptoms (lightheadedness, passing out, shortness of breath, chest pressure, and foggy/fuzzy head feeling) are caused by anxiety, as a reaction to the dizziness? I believe that your dizziness is probably not caused by anxiety, but since dizziness causes anxiety, its possible that some of the other symptoms are from anxiety. Now onto the questions you answered.

1) Your symptoms are chronic, thats what I thought.

2) You should ask for an ENG test if you havent had one already. It measures the function of the inner ear.

Its possible that this is related to an allergy or hormones, because these can trigger other health conditions.

Have you discussed migraine associated vertigo (MAV) with a doctor? Its quite common, and it can explain many of the symptoms you experience. Its overlooked by many doctors, and many people go undiagnosed.