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Inverted/Flat Nipple Correction without surgery?

Hello, I am a 21 year old female and I have flat nipples. Mine do not go inside, they stay flat to the areola. They barely did much even when cold or aroused until I started using invasive tools to get them to come out. I started using avent niplette but I stopped because the thimble-like cup was too big for my nipples since they were flat. I started using supple cups because they come in different sizes and they worked like a charm for me so far. (only been about 2 weeks) Now they don't get as flat anymore and they get really big when cold or aroused and I can even use the avent niplette now because of the improved size.

My question is, how 'permanent' are the affects? Has anyone used avent niplette or supple cups or any other device to aid inverted/flat nipples that is not pregnant? I am doing this for cosmetic reasons.

Any success stories without surgery?

Thank you :-)

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