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Re: Post-Concussion Symptoms?

Originally Posted by TheDandL View Post
I fell off a flying fox back in September of 2008 and was knocked out for a few minutes and sent to hospital soon after. I had minor amnesia for a few minutes after waking up and extreme dizziness. Anyways, since then i have had a fair amount of mood swings and depressive tendencies followed by short and long term memory loss and the inability to focus well. I've always been a bit like that, but it has become more intense since then, and i still get dizzy and random headaches since then and from what i've heard, it's not that normal to have these symptoms so many years after it. We don't get much information about it here in NZ so i was wondering what others might think about it.

Thank you.

Being from the States I am not quite sure what a Flying Fox is , but am sorry to hear you are having problems so long after your accident. I myself suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury almost 3 years ago and still suffer it's affects till this day. I would suggest that if you have access to a neurologist, you should make an appointment to determine if there are physical injuries causing your issues and what treatments might help alleviate your issues. Any changes in your eyesight or hearing since your accident?