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Re: Post-Concussion Symptoms?

I looked up "Flying Fox" and it indeed would be a zip line here in the states. As far as eyesight and hearing go they are very connected to any type of head injury along with smell and taste. Your sensory organs might appear healthy and normal, but the way your brain processes the information given to it by these organs can be damaged. After my accident I suffer from something called Hyperacusis, I have had my hearing tested and my ears look just fine, but I am able to hear sounds that no one else can, and everything is way to loud. The doctors had to bring in special equipment just to be able to test my level of hearing, and they are unable to explain why I can hear so well. I also have light sensitivity, frequent headaches, fatigue, and a major problem with focus. Medications do help but are not a cure-all. Re-hab can help you learn how to deal with some of these issues and is really a good spot for support. I would recommend going to see a doctor about your issues at your earliest opportunity. Good luck and keep us up to date!