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Re: Inverted/Flat Nipple Correction without surgery?

Originally Posted by slenderella View Post
I used Avent many years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter because I wanted to breastfeed. Unfortunately in my case, they didn't work. I was uncomfortable each day and there was no improvement at all.
Of course, this is just my experience, so don't give up hope. I understand that the surgery to release the nipples is a rather easy one, but numbness can potentially be a side effect, so I chose not to take that chance.
thanx for the reply :-) so far they have returned have not returned back to their original flat state and I stopped using any device for 2 days straight now, I'll go back to using them for the full 3 months but I am just curious how well they work. With the supple cups I use medela soft shells for inverted nipples on top so they don't come off or bother me and I end up keeping them on for over 8 hours each day lol I wear them when I wake up until when I go to sleep and yeah the surgery is very simple but I want to be able to breastfeed and there is no guarantee that I can do this after surgery but if this does not work than surgery may become my only option.

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