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Question Ideal drug holiday frequency/duration?

There's so much fantastic information on this board and elsewhere online. Unfortunately, I'll be darned if I can locate any that's particularly specific or authoritative. Even worse, my two best friends are doctors—one a pharmacist—and even they, amazingly enough, plead ignorance on this issue. (I love my psychiatrist, but when I've asked her, she speaks only in generalities and anecdotes that seem to indicate that even she's not really sure.)

So rather than go into a narrative on my medical situation and how positively transformative dextroamphetamine has been for me over the past few years, I was wondering if anyone has answers that are either specific or authoritative (i.e., you can provide a citation or you're an expert, preferably nothing second-hand or from individual experience) or, best-case scenario, the following questions:
  • Does drug tolerance/tachyphylaxis truly occur with psychotropic amphetamines/dextroamphetamine/Dexedrine/Vyvanse/Adderall/Ritalin/etc.? Is there unequivocal evidence or is this just anecdotally accepted?
  • If tolerance does occur, what would be the ideal frequency of (how often should I take) drug holidays to optimize the body's response and minimize tolerance effects over the long term?
  • What would be the ideal duration of drug holidays (of what length should they be) to optimize the body's response and minimize tolerance effects over the long term?
  • What are other known ways to reduce tolerance and/or improve efficacy of amphetamines (e.g., exercise, diet, supplements, voodoo)? How well-evidenced are they, how effective are they, and how safe are they?
The drug holiday itself, of course, has to be factored into optimization. I'm sure, for example, that taking a year-long drug holiday will produce a heck of a re-sensitization effect, but that kind of defeats the whole purpose. Obviously I'd like to minimize frequency and duration of drug holidays. In fact, what I'm wondering is, even if tolerance does occur, whether it's mild enough that drug holidays aren't really worth taking at all.

I'm new here and I really appreciate your help, guidance, and feedback. It looks like I'll be on these drugs for quite awhile, and I'd like to make the most of them. I'm more than happy to talk about related issues like dose, my apparent tolerance, etc., in private, but to the extent you're able to share some objective insight into these specific questions when responding to this post, I will be forever indebted. Thank you!

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