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Failed surgery 18 y.o chronic pain

hello everyone

Im 18 y.o. and i have had chronic pain for 6 years steming from slipped disc nerve damage spondylosis with degenerative disc desease of the lumbar spine , facet osteoarthiritis,several disc bulges,anterolisthesis,nueral forminal stenosis,facet joint arthrosis just to name some

i also had L3-S1 decompression laminectomy and debridement surgery on 6/2010 but im still in pain i was referred to a pm doctor where i was prescribed Ms contin 30 mg 2x a day , hydrocodone up to 5 tabs a day , lyrica 100 mg but i just dont understand why am i still in so much pain i feel like im going crazy im always hurting my back is so stiff and it hurts so badly my buttock feels like its on fire and throbs and when i sit it hurts even more , i have no feelin in my entire right leg , i still have bladder incontinence, pains shoot from my back to my toes i have to walk with a walker and i have still fallen 3x in a year i have no balence i even have a nurse that comes everyday cause i cant do for myself im just miserable and im only 18 years old
if someone PLEASE HELP!!! Give me some advice cause i don't know what to do with all this pain i just wish that i could enjoy life with out being in pain

my surgeon said i needed a spinal fusion but im to young and to wait until im 30 or 40 and i cant wait that long the way im hurting and nothing is relieving my pain which is driving me up the walls i just dont know what to do

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