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Re: Weird symptoms I may be going crazy

Hey, I really appreciate the reply. Ya, still same symptoms a few weeks later after trying homeopathic urinary medication. Honestly it's the weirdest thing because it doesn't effect urination or sex. No discoloration, pain, sense of urgency to pee, etc. I sit all day as I work in sales, and some Dr. mentioned it may be related to a herniated disc as I occasionally have middle back pain for no reason. I still think it's bacteria related as it lingers... it's always in the back of my mind which I'm sure is not helping things. I may be feeling "more" of what is really there. I'm glad someone else is having the same weird symptoms. I just want it to go away. I will try your recommendation. Did your urologist give you any RX's that helped or any further advice other than what you recommended? How did you get to the recommendation? Homeopathic Dr., specialist? Again, thank you so much I don't feel alone w/this weird crap!