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Re: My 38 yr old wife passed May 16th...

Find a grieving class, find a local group of grieving fathers in your area. Everyone grieves differently. Think of all the mothers who have to raise thier babies because they lost thier husbands in the war. There is strength in numbers. Those babies need you. I raised three on my own and it was no walk in the park but I did it. You are allowed to grieve and it's ok the kids see you, just make sure they see daddy smile too. Bless your precious heart. Do the best you can for now. Give yourself some time. There is no time frame. Just time...lots of time. (hugs) Your wife was my age so I can't imagine. She wouldn't want you so sad especially for those babies she loves so much and she loved you. She'd want you to take care of yourself and live as if she were right by your side. You don't need John Edwards to tell you what you already know. You feel her near. Talk to her. She listens. I promise ^i^

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