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Re: Any HPV experts-your response greatly appreciated

It certainly can be confusing, I suppose because there are so many strains of HPV. I too am in a situation where I just want to know for sure whether I have the virus. I had a "test" done for HPV a couple weeks ago, no results yet, but after reading more in the interim, I'm certain the nurse practitioner doesn't "get" it. They keep referring to it as a pap, but the HPV test they do in conjuction with the pap only locates "high risk" strains of HPV, the ones that cause cancer. That test doesn't identify "low risk" strains, the ones that cause warts. I THINK but am not sure that a test for the low risk strains would indicate if the virus is present, whether or not you have visible warts. But I betcha that's not the test she ordered up.

Not much help here, but sharing your frustration and concern. Have you gotten any firm answers or relief??

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