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Re: Any HPV experts-your response greatly appreciated

You have probably not been screened for hpv, as it's not part of standard std screenings.
Doctors typically do not test women under 30 for hpv, because it's so prevalent in young women, and there's nothing you can do if you have it, except get regular PAPs like you are supposed to anyway.
If your PAP is normal then it really doesn't matter if you have HPV. You probably will get it eventually, if you haven't already... and your body will probably clear it, without treatment.
There is no point in getting screened for hpv under 30 years old. It doesn't really mean anything even if you have it. What you need to be screening for is abnormal, precancerous cervical cells which can be caused by hpv... and the way to do that is by getting routine PAPs once a year.

The only reason women over 30 are screened for hpv is that if they have it, it's more of a problem than if a younger woman has it, as it may indicate a persistent infection, which in turn increases the woman's risk for cervical cancer.
But in a young woman, hpv is a fairly meaningless diagnosis.
If you have it, your body will clear it.
If it causes abnormal cervical cells, they will show up on your PAP, and your doctor can treat them at that time.
HPV itself is not treatable or curable by medical means... you just have to wait for it to go away (typically your body clears the virus in 12 to 18 months).

If you are under 30, you insurance will not pay for an hpv test, because they are considered unnecessary in women under 30.
If for some reason you really, really want one, you will no doubt have to pay out of pocket for it; last time I checked, it cost about 60 dollars.
But I think you should discuss with your gyno beforehand why you want one, and whether it will benefit you in any way to have one.

Best of luck.

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