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Re: Any HPV experts-your response greatly appreciated

Thank you for your response, Susie.

Basically, 6 months into this I was still quite frustrated and finally took things into my own hands. I learned that a normal pap doesn't guarantee that hpv is not there.
It only looks for certain strains or early stages of abnormal cells. Gardasil is good, but it too only protects against 4 types of the many different strains of hpv.

So I requested an hpv culture, which, even the doctor was hesitant about doing, let alone the nurses. It was negative.The point being, I felt better afterwards because I had done all I could in terms of testing, although according to other messages posted on this board, hpv can appear years later without any warning, like herpes. I finally had a frank discussion with a new gyno who admitted that doctors do not know very much about hpv. it gets passed back and forth like a cold and like kali33 commented, they do not usually screen for it in women under 30.

What makes it weird is that men cannot be tested for hpv and supposedly it's quite a common std. Regardless, warts and abnormal cells are nothing to be taken lightly and I think as women we need to be concerned, because we are responsible for the next generation of human beings to come and we need to do everything we can to ensure that are body is doing just fine despite any lack of information or awareness from doctors.

For my own peace of mind though, I am letting go of the need to obsess about this. Surely if we love ourselves and our partners then this should be an openly discussed concern but not a reason to stop sex altogether.

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